education for Children and young adults inspired by nature, myth lore and esoteric Science.

When our Children succeed, we all succeed.

Avalon Youth Alliance Club, outdoors and online, for an alternative nature-inspired educational experience.
Are you ready to try learning something new? AYA is not your usual After School Club; here, children learn Mythos, Lore, and storytelling, meet characters from ancient times in the flash, learn valuable life lessons, and interact with nature, trees, plants, and animals.

Understanding NAture

We aim to discover each being of the  living world in nature, how plants and animas communicate and live alongside us. And how we can be valuable members of the earth's microcosm.

Creating and Emotionally stable learning Environment

We  teach simple yet effective emotional regulation and movement meditation techniques and attune to intuition at a young age.

Nurturing imagination

We believe that imagination is a creative gift of great philosophers, artists and engineers therefore it should be nurtured. 

Our  Monthly
Youth ClubS

We encourage student-led and self-paced but guided learning through mythology, archetypes, nature, and plant life in a welcoming and emotionally safe setting for young adults in nature.
Currently running at Earth Light Community Garden.
Location :

Owl Wings

2 hour Small Group Class ages 8-11
Every 3rd
Wed of the Month
13:00 - 15:00

Tree of Life

2 hours
Small Group Class for ages 11-14 every 3rd
Wednesday of the Month
15:30 -17:30
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Understanding Aya

Our Program

We believe the imagination is a great gift worth nurturing and, when welcomed in a practical setting, can transform into pure creative, artistic and innovative expression.
 At Aya, we believe that magic exists in the small things and practical life skills carry profound value,
We inspire children through characters of myth and folklore, and whilst we learn age-old valuable lessons from tales and stories, we also explore our emotional capacity and learn to listen to our inner voice and gut instincts.
We believe in experiencing our environment as alive and an interwoven part of nature.
Younger age groups begin with relating to the natural world as plant friends, and older students will learn to express and nurture through organic local mythic story arcs they have chosen.
  • eco -mythology
  • Focused small groups 
  • emotional regulation in nature
  • Folklore inspired classes
  • Self- lead learning, with guidance
  • in active, Inspiring setting
  • Nature based
  • Movement meditation, 
About Us

Teacher's Training

We  created and adaptable and easily applicable  alternative teaching model, to  reeducate teaching professionals with a unique skill and talent focused program as Part of CPD.
Training courses coming in 2024.
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