Who we are

Avalon Academy® was established in 2013 as a study program and began It's online mystery school journey on 22/02/2022 becoming a go-to Online School for Western spirituality and esoteric science.

 Since then, we have introduced five teachers, ten courses and five masterclass series and our school welcomed over 400 students worldwide.

We predominantly focus on the education in the following topics of interest, Spiritual Development, Celtic Studies, Faerie Tradition, Alternative Healing Practices, Sound Healing, Medicine, Folk Crafts, and Ritual Crafts.

Our aim is to be a centre of magic, mythos, green gnosis, and ritual arts and a sanctuary for gentle safe sacred learning and soulful expression.

We fundamentally believe that nature (the green world ) is animated, spirited and wise and the future depends on how we can better improve our goodwill relationships and communication each day.

offer on-demand, gently paced online education in both practical, mythological and magical arts inspired by Avalon's ethos and mythic spirit.


Avalon is a land of eternal existence where the merits of the heart grant entry through the Misty Isle of Eden.

In mythos, Avalon is also called Tir Na Nog; many tales mention it is a place of healing.
Where the ancestors go to rest, and the Fey lives in perpetual summer and celebration.
A mystical home of priestesses teaching the arts of nature magic to their forebears.
Avalon is also a place of soul-deep remembering for many. 
These soul memories merging with embodied wisdom and alternative history inspired me to birth the Avalon Academy®.            


Meet our teaching team of mystics, guides, & collaborators.

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