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Frequently asked questions

Are there any free courses?

Yes, free courses are on our "courses" page, and you can enrol any time!.

What to expect from the course structure and learning experience?

Our Mystery School offers training related to the core, the root, the crown as it would be on the tree of Infinite life.

And the Academy works like any other educational Institute offering Degrees in foundational, Intermediate and Advanced Studies.

You have all-digital learning methods represented, from video classes, guided journeys to workbooks, practice guides, live courses and a diploma is issued at the end of all Mystery School Programs.

Can I attend a live event without enrolment to that specific course?

No, but you can always view the replays at resources and support materials.

Can I join a course or workshop without a membership?

Yes, you can buy the course you are most interested in; membership is optional; however, bundles and packaged offerings require a membership.

Can I be part of the membership groups without taking a course?

The groups are attached to the workshops and courses. But you can be part of the group and start your studies another time.

What if I sign up but can't commit to the training?

You can begin, and progress and finish at your own speed. 

There are no deadlines on Mystery School programs, but other Academy teachers might have different rules around their courses, so check in with your course leader for more info.

Can I get a refund if I don't feel resonance with the teachings?

Yes, of course, as long as you do so within the first eight weeks. You will need to notify us so we can make the proper admin steps in issuing your refund.
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