Emerald Way® 

 FAERY HEALING  Practitioner Workshop  
  •  level 01 Silver Ray Two Day Workshop 
    next date:
    4th - 5th of May 2024

Introducing our Accredited Fourfold Faery Healing Modality 

Listen to Dea share more about this Regenerative healing method! Who is it for and what can be achieved  after the training.
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An enchanting, gentle adventure in the heart of nature. With an opportunity to experience the workings of the Emerald way®

Day 01 Earth light Activation

On our first day, we will begin on the land and, with the land in co-operation, open the stream of earth light as our first activation.

  •  Experiencing and working with earth light
  • Working with the Emerald Rose Cross Geomancy
  •  The Story of Emerald Heart
  • Light Lunch served in nature.
  • Travelling via the Cross Roads 
  • Guided Journey to otherworldly Allyships
Our Venue: The Apothecary Garden
The AG is a working apothecary gardens are maintained lovingly by experts in medicinal and apothecary plants, soil science and garden tending.In the centre of the garden lies our stone circle, a wonderful space for ceremony, resting, contemplating and exploring. Little paths wind their way through the wildflower meadows in the summer and in the winter murmurations of starlings soar and sweep over the garden at sunrise.

2, Rood Cottage, Butleigh, Glastonbury BA6 8TF

This Venue can provide accommodation to attendees at an extra cost; 
you can book your residential stay here.

Day 02 Level one
Silver RAy 
 Emerald Way® Healing

On our second day, we will establish our Three Fold Alliance and meet with our otherworldly kin.

  •  Threefold Accord
Discovering our strongest aptitudes for faery connection and diagnosis.
  •  Creating allyships with  land, fae and creature in residence.
  • Light Lunch in the Garden
  •  Emerald Way® Healing Practice
    how we can heal with earth light
Your Guide: 
Dea Isidora is a  mythologist.
She is dedicated to researching tales and myths influencing the human self. As to the ways of faery tradition and earth healing, she aims to share with as many embodied souls as possible in the hope that this modality will support them in their efforts to heal our natural world and its people. The Fourfold  healing Dea shares during the workshop is a unique system of earth energy healing, especially the kind inspired by the fae world.

Dea Isidora

Got so much from it! Will be working more with the earth light in my local area, practicing by a
local reservoir with a algae problem. Also will visit the home of the deer near my home and
connect with my allies, as one of them is a deer spirit. Also realised that I want to develop my
gift more and feel more confident in my ability to receive messages from spirit. So i need to
create more space in my life for quiet and a still mind. Thank you so much Dea!!! Your
knowledge is so valuable.
— Shilly

A wonderful experience ❤️
I was guided towards this course through a good friend, I felt I wanted to book straight away.
Reading the pre course information I immediately knew it was for me and that it would
compliment the relationship I have with nature. As humans we have become selfish & blinkered
& take nature & the natural world for granted. This course opened up a whole new world of
opportunity to enable me to start giving back to the earth & to the creatures that call it home.
Thank you. 
— David Firth
I found the experience very inspiring and empowering. This was a great introduction into theworld of Faery Healing and felt very powerful! Words cannot describe how empowering thecourse felt and how Dea was able to communicate such a power that is within us all, and howwe can try to awaken it, to care for our planet.I look forward to the next journey developing the knowledge of Faery Healing. 
— Billy, Uk

Is faery healing your medicine to the world? 

Do you desire to mend our unwell world and restore life? 
Do you seek a way to heal the waters of the earth? 
Do you wish to learn how you can work with Dragon Energy
Do you  long to cultivate a barrier-less relationship with the natural world? 
Does your quest lead you to devotional service to earth

Then you must have asked the same question I did time and time again!
 How can this be done? What is the way? How can those of us in human bodies have  lasting positive effect?
How can we move beyond the stages of self-development and leave a legacy of light?
The answer is  foremost  with in you, but it is also with in the ways of our ancestors.

Faery Healing is not a  completely new art, it is a way we relate to the unseen world, 
In Celtic Ireland Faery Healers were a unique kind of medicine people , those who nurtured friendships with the fae, and received their healing tools and knowledge from the Sidhe were called Faery Healers, Faery Doctors , or  Fey Friends.

If you are passionate about grid-working, regenerative spirit work, the living creatures of nature and the fae realm and seek to have meaningful otherworldly allies; the Emerald Way and Faery Healing is for you.

The Modality is offered as three levels  each delivered  during 2 -4 day workshops.

Silver Ray
level 01

We focus on establishing lasting relationships with your individual fae, elven, and creature animal allies. As a strong foundation for your Faery healing Skills, with the opportunity to discover your learning and healing aptitudes.

Emerald Ray
level 02

Here we immerse ourselves into Specific methods of Faery Doctoring and how we can regenerate the natural world, physical and energy body, all within the consideration of unique learning aptitudes.
This workshop includes hands-on energy healing, faery orison and ways to develop your unique doctoring tools in collaboration with your fae creature allies.

Golden Ray
level 03

This will focus on how we can use the skills we developed since level on to a collective advantage, which includes healing larger bodies of water, mountains, lands, and unsolvable chronic illnesses; this level is instrumental in combating new world health risks, such as EMF, toxins, metal poisoning and negative impacts of the digital world. 
Golden ray students can also apply for permission to teach other students in a similar workshop setting. 

What will you experience during a Level O1 Workshop?

  •   Finding, and walking the Emerald Way®.

  •   Green gnosis through connection to earth light and the living body of the land.

  •   Learning the ways of the Emerald Rose Cross as our passage to reclaim our ancient earth memories stored in the body.

  •  Explore the crossroads format and working with your specific, Allies for healing and restoration.
  •   Mending the Faery Accord within the land as well as within your body. 
  •  Meeting the Plant Spirits in the Celtic Rose Cross  

Emerald way ® Faery healing Training Curriculum 

Learn the  Healing Art of the Emerald Way®

Follow the link below, to learn more about the training  outline, levels of study and what opportunities are available  for accreditation on this practitioner program.
workshop. retreats. Day events 

Emerald Way® Retreat & Workshop

I am ready to take part!

Choosing to side with the glowing emerald heart of nature.

This sacred way is lived by those who have chosen their side amongst the spirits of nature, artists, creatives, storytellers, and medicine people. 

What is the Emerald Way®

 Is a beingness in service to the emerald heart of the earth but is also a path of healing the separation wound between humans, fae and creatures.

Can we practice the Emerald way?

It would mean the world to both our gentle cousins (the Fae)
and earth if you would choose to share this green consciousness with others. 
 The Emerald way®
I'm teaching is a natural cognitive channelled formula of how this healing and reconnecting would manifest through you.

Do I need previous experience?

No the course introduces many brand new concepts and ways that are related to things you intuitively already innerstand.
Deep devotion to nature is the only prerequisite.

How the Retreat is Structured?

We will come together in nature and a selected venue. Beginning with the recognition of the heart, then covering the needs of the sacred body and the spirited mind later in the day. The exact retreat outline will be shared after signing up.

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