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Training Curriculum

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About The Modality

Fourfold Faery Healing for the Healers of the Emerald Way®

 Healing can only be regenerative if its source is  infinite. Most healing modalities encourage the healer to either reach for an external source to channel and use their bodies as a healing vessel or rely on tools and objects that become a conduit and engage with the body of healing. Fourfold Faery Healing is neither of these methods.

 Our program is birthed from  the allyship of four living consciousnesses and harmonious collaboration. Human ~ Fae ~ Creature ~ Dragon ( earth herself ) The intention of the work is regenerate the emotional, mental and, physical body.

We do not borrow but instead remember the life force as infinite. The healing is inspired and aided by the otherworld based on the spiritual understanding that positive current in the other world also affects our world and vice versa. 

Each healer is encouraged to express healing through their aptitude and aided in the development of such by the co-walking allyships cultivated from their crossroads quest.

Our modality does not require channelling or bringing the outside force into the human body. But instead, we attune ourselves to the Earth Core we call the Emerald heart.
During the training, three levels are offered, each complete and unique in its own right.
what we offer 

Find the right training for you 

Online Workshop
( prerequisite )

Online Video Class series which covers individual the preparation needed for the adaptation of the Fourfold Faery Healing Modality.
  • 4 Hour Online Workshop
  • No certification
  • Online moduls

Level 01 Four Fold Faery healing modality ~
Silver Ray Practitioners

Two day in person land based workshop focusing on the activation of earth light and fourfold allyships.
  • 2 day in person workshop + online examination
  • aprox 22 hours in total
  • in person training 

Level 02 Faery 
from the
Green Realm ~
Emerald Ray Practitioners

Focusing on energy healing, faery doctoring and developing individual practitioner aptitudes.
  • 2 day in person workshop + case study + online examination.
  • aprox 44 hours 
  • in person and online training incl: 121 session

The Training 

  • Level 02 to level 03 Accredited complementary Therapy Qualification.

    Learn to heal through your four-fold alliance with the otherworld. Practice the Art of Energy healing. Faery Doctoring and regenerative gridwork all in one with this emerald way Inspired practice.
    • Emerald Way® Rose Cross Workshop (online or in person)  prerequisites 
    • Level 01 Silver Ray Healing ( Energy healing with Earth Light )
    • Level 02 Emerald Ray Healing, ( Faery Doctoring)
    • Level 03 Golden Ray Healing (Dragon Medicine Regenerative healing )
  • Regenerative energy work aided by power in the land 

    Our practice is land-based, and devotional working with the power of the land is a crucial component of successful Emerald way® healing. Therefore we advise practitioners to spend a minimum of one year cultivating relationships with the land of their residence and future practice before approaching the accredited training levels.

Level o1 The Silver Ray Healer 

Establishing suitable allyships for our purpose of Faery Healing.  
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Earth Light Activation, on sacred land and charged dragon lines.

Learning the way of the Emerald Rose Cross and the Crossroads 
To safely journey into the otherworld.

Seeking Fae Allyship 
we are Journeying to the Crossroads to be chosen by a suitable fae/ otherworldly ally.

Seeking Creature Allyships We are receiving our creature guide and ally to further establish ourselves in the otherworld.

level 02 Emerald Ray Healer

Discovering your unique aptitude to faery healing.
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How can you best embody and express the earth light healing field.

Hands on healing and faery doctoring

finding your greatest strength and most empowered quality in your allyship how do you best relate to the green world

Connecting to the trees, soil, seed and their spirit, healing the human body.

Level 03  Golden RAy healer 

Healing the water ways & the human and the relationship between human and fae.
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Awakening the dragon for regenerative healing

Regenerative practice to heal large messes of elemental forms, lands and places.
Addressing ritual injuries, attachments, and hooks.

Hydromancy and healing the waterway of Gaia

 Next Course March 2024

Who is it for?

Those who seek to unlock their spirit potential whilst staying in a holy relationship with the land and the spirit world of faery.
  • This method will significantly benefit energy healers, grid workers, shamanic healing practitioners, naturopaths, and herbalists.
  • But the modality is designed for all levels with interest in the otherworld and  healing abilities. Faery healing can be practised by anyone who holds deep love and devotion towards the living land, the otherworld, nature and the spirit world.
  • Prerequisite workshops teach you the art of fourfold alliance and safe journeying to the realm of faery.
  • Level 01  to level 03  programs provide you with a complementary practice qualification in energy healing.

The  workshop Experience 

Workshops are land-based and are a mixture of hands-on practice energy work, technical studies, geomancy and embodiment. Our workshops set up as nature retreats where you can nourish your connection with the spirit world.
This training has  life altering consequences in a very positive way, my experience with earth light was profound but strong.
 The journeys Dea takes you on during the workshop are extraordinary.

Helen Reed

I found the experience very inspiring and empowering. This was a great introduction to the world of Faery Healing, and it felt very powerful! Words cannot describe how empowering the course felt and how Dea was able to communicate such a power that is within us all, and how we can try to awaken it to care for our planet.I look forward to the next journey in developing the knowledge of Faery Healing.


Its a way of coming home to yourself,
I am very excited for my practitioner training.


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