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Emerald Way® Online Workshop

Recorded Workshop of the Emerald Way® 

 What this Event hold for you?

An enchanting transformational opportunity to experience the workings of the Emerald Heart.

  •   Finding, experiencing and walking the Elven Way

  •  Safe space to direct green gnosis through connection to earth light

  •   Learn the meaning and ways of the Emerald Rose Cross as our passage to reclaim our Fae DNA

  •  Explore the Crossroads Format and working with your specific, Fae Allies
  •   Healing the Faery Accord on the land  whilst transforming your inner world.

This workshop is  a prerequisite for the Emerald Way® Four-Fold healing method,  the Academy's Advanced   Faery healing program.

This green crystalline way has called upon many hearts to remember nature and the world we once shared with the 'gentle people'. 

Our Fae ancestors have many generously given gifts that hold essential keys to this ancient remembrance at the centre of the world. In the hollow hills, oceans, and mountain tops, therein existing a way to unlock your most excellent fae soul potential yet. Beyond to act in direct collaboration with nature in your daily existence and your magical practices 

Those who choose the Emerald Way® and desire to be in synchronicity with nature will reclaim the organic creational memories of Earth and the Fae.

And coincidently reclaim their emerald heart, the heart that realises the love of infinite creation and manifests this love through conscious co-operative creation.

This is also the heart of those who transcend the prejudice of this world and reclaim their mythopoetic memories.

Many still have undying hope for this sacred Earth we call home and are willing to aid those devoted to it.

They are the living embodiment of the Faery Accord. 

You are lovingly invited to explore the possibilities of collaborative work with our Fae Ancestors through the Emerald Way® of  Faery.

workshop  Incentive

  • To Connect and experience the movement of Earth Light 
  • To understand the Emerald Rose Cross concerning Self Development
  • To gain an understanding of Earth Healing 
  • To begin building Fae and Otherworldly Allyships
  • To explore the Cross Road Format
  • To prepare for Emerald Way® Healing Practice

We also offer this as an in person practitioner  workshop
including level 01 and level 02 Fourfold Healing modality certification
 in the, UK.

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Watch The  workshop replay 

 Attending the Emerald Way Day Retreat was a profound and beautiful experience. Dea is the perfect guide to share these unique teachings as she is breaks down esoteric information in a way that is easy to understand and embody. Her teaching style combines the perfect balance between direct experience, intuition and felt sense with intellectual understanding that she shares through both oral and written transmissions and practical exercises. I came away feeling connected, inspired and grounded. I highly recommend this workshop! 💚
— Tiffany
When Dea showed us how we can work with earth light to heal nature and the bodies of earth, I felt something I have never encountered before, it was like warm honey southing my body, and my allies were with me in a state of pure bliss. I have never expected to experience something like this but I am all the way in to work with this  dragon energy and make a difference in the world.
Some much of what I have learnt during this event resonated on a soul level.The experience with earth light was especially moving for me as well particularly as to how comfortable i felt walking into energetically charged spaces afterwards. Like something fell into place within me.
— Laura

Dea Isidora

mystic, writer , teacher
About your guide for this event:
Dea is a devotee of the Emerald way, the path of the Mystic into green gnosis, the way of nature and true love, Dea is an occultist with over ten years of experience in western, Celtic, and Fae traditions. For this event, she will be your fairy godmother, guide and storyteller returning into the Emerald Heart of Earth.

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