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Flames of Camelot

2 day guided tour  upon and around the Hill fort of Camelot Castle, Walking the spiral  path of the dargon's tale enriched with ,stories, healing, Fae connection ceremony Celtic songs and nourishment. .

24th - 25th of August  2024

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The Pilgrimage 
Our two Day Pilgrimage is a walking tour and experiential journey of the landscape and its mythos & Folk lore. Enriched with plenty of stops, in green glens and meadows, filled with ceremony, sound healing, Celtic Songs conscious listening, picnics and a shared early evening lunch at Cadbury Castle Hill.

What is Camelot?

Walk the threefold spiral road of the Hills of Camelot awakened once again for those who feel Camelot’s dragon banners rising
The Pendragon,
Well Maidens, High Holy Kings 
and the Fey Queens

are all alive within the land, Joining us for this day retreat will invite their wisdom into our circle.
Camelot is not just one place or an old castle hill fort as our eye would first perceive. It is a place of light, a faith of sovereign power, anchored in the landscape, Camelot is a spiritual degree and ideal of soul sovereignty, valour, and truth embodied by those who chose to be awakened to it’s  immortal light. 

The Sapphire Blue Flame

The blue Flame the Sword of Avalon, The Feminine sovereign song, welcomes all dragon souls into its soft blue love of transformation. 
The colour of Excalibur and the Ladies of Avalon.

The Emerald Green Flame

The Emerald flame of the Faery Kings and Queens, the court of wild royalty who honoured the land and the living god/goddess know as Pendragons.

The Golden Flame

The Golden Flame of  King Arthur and his lineage with the memory of true courage, sovereignty and spiritual enlightenment—the Flame gifted by the Dragon of Destiny to the Solar Kings.
Just a stone throw away from Avalon across the glistening green and golden lands of Somerset lies, the Hill of Camelot, one of Camelot's Castles, rising high above the landscape, under the watchful eye of Somerset’s Sleeping Golden Dragon, the pre-historic hill fort of Cadbury Castle, is the scene of our pilgrimage and a magical portal of the three flames themselves.

Your Guides for this Event

Shamir Chadha Singh
Tour Guide and Sound Alchemist 
Shamir will guide you along the spiral pathways of Camelot through sound, stories and sacred chants. Initiating our journey he will bring us into harmonic resonance with the castle ruin , the lands, and all it's beings by offering us a sound journey through the element on the base of the hill fort. Ongoing following the footsteps of King Arthur we will share remembrance of truth and honour connecting to the power of Excalibur in story time and through sacred chants. 
Dea Isidora
Folklorists, Faery Healer
Dea is a mythologist and faery woman who is a local resident of the Forest of Camelot. She will introduce you to the three flames of Camelot and share the myths and folklore of the Isle with you. Dea will guide you through a ceremony that will enable you to safely connect with the Fae folk of Avalon and Morgana, the faery.
Holly Anne Coles
Melodic Muse 
Being deeply inspired by the natural world, Celtic folklore and ancient mysteries, Holly’s connection to her own spirituality has led her down the path of sharing the magic of music and sound, and holding space for those who wish to connect with themselves through ritual, ceremony and inner journeying. She will be sharing Celtic/ medieval  songs and chants during our pilgramage.

Enter the world of myth and magic

The  Tour
 Cadbury CaStle hill, Somerset

Walking the spiral Path

Pilgrims will walk the landscape, forests, and meadows, in a spiral like motion listening to the Local lore of the High seat of Camelot, the Excalibur, Guinevere the Faery women, the Ladies of Maidens Castle, and the Ideals and codes of the round table guarded by the golden dragon of destiny.
We will also share sound healing, Imbas (poetic storytelling) and mantras awaken that resonance within  harmony of the spiral pathways of Camelot.

Shamir will guide a sound healing journey and Dea and Holly  will bring the tales, songs  and prayer of the land and lead us on the faery pathways upon the hill.
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