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Dea Isidora

Our Academy Founder, Mystic Dea Isidora, shares her wisdom in Celtic Spirituality, Faery Tradition, Land and Nature-based healing and education for neurodivergent individuals.
She is the creator of the Emerald Way Modality and an avid folklore and Mythology researcher...

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Stuart Daly

Stuart is our founder, writer, script doctor, film producer, and the creator of the Crypto Academy, where he offers, conscious crypto masterclasses for complete beginners and intermediate digital currency investors....

Shamir Chadha Singh

Shamir is our Sikh Mystic and Sound Healer. He works with various sounds, chants and instruments, offers craniosacral therapy, and guides the Remembering Avalon and Flames of Camelot Tours.

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Elizabeth Bercovici

Elizabeth is a published writer, writing coach, storyteller, and modern bard; she shared her inspiring experience with the
Welsh Awen of inspiration during her course Awakening Awen...

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Tiffany Landamore

Tiffany is a herbal medicine practitioner, intuitive healer and hypnotherapist. She is a true visionary and founded Earth Light Gardens in Somerset a magical place for nature based esoteric studies.

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Awaken your Bardic Talents

Enjoy 2 Month Intensive study Course by Elizabeth Bercovici and meet your inner creative,  learning  about Welsh Bardic lore.
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Explore Multidimensional Embodiment

Study the multiverse, sounds, and spiritual embodiment with sound healer and Mystic, Shamir. 

co - Creation

Our intention is to honour the co- creative codes of Avalon. As a first principal it is important that members of our teaching family come together to work and create from their unique individual talents, but able to build a bridge between, traditions, timelines, Beliefs and share their knowledge harmoniously.
We share our passion for arcane knowledge with students from all walks of life. All our courses are planned, recorded and edited based on the Codes of Avalon.
  • Each of us have many years of experience personal and professional, in teaching the mysteries.
  • Our courses and programs represent the Avalonian wisdom from different traditions. 
  • All our courses can be access individually or through a membership package.
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With Shamir 

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Interview with Jeremy & Keli

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Interview With Elizabeth

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