What you need to know abut this event !

Day 1 / Day 2

Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by Dea or
an organiser and escorted to our field of working in the centre of the Celtic Cross.
Here we will begin our grounding for the day and set intentions. 
On the first day you will receive your  first earthlight activation so please have plenty of rest the evening after.
Later we move into our indoor classroom and discuss the  and practices of the day; after a  lunch break, some warm homegrown food and relaxation, we will begin our journey to meet our allies at the crossroads. 

Day 02 participant will receive their Silver Ray training as well.
Workshops are land-based and are a mixture of hands-on practice, energy work, lecture style discussions, movement and embodiment.
Our workshops are also retreats where you can nourish your connection with the green realm and the plants growing in the garden.

We will have two consecutive days of land-based emersion together.
The workshops are gentle and relaxing; we will share our experiences, discoveries and a nice lunch together in a small  familiar friendly group setting
Your process, journey and co - creative experience is honoured by us all and treated as confidential, and extraordinary.

On the Day 
Please be on site by 10 am so we can start promptly.
We will always begin with the land, so please bring appropriate footwear and clothing. We will sit in the Titania Classroom for the discussion part of the course therefore we can go ahead regardless of the weather outside.

Please fill in the intake form below before your arrival: 


Yew Tree Nursery,
Yew Tree Farm,
BS26 2SA

From the A38 drive into Yew Tree Nursery.
Keep driving through the YMCA carpark towards the double gates, heading towards the fields. 
You can park by the barn without blocking any other vehicles or access to the barn. Walk across the field, bearing to the right you will see the polytunnels in the field on the right. This is the Earthlight field.

Finding your way


We will not provide you with accommodation during this workshops, however below you can find a list of recommended stays  very close to the area.



We are looking forward to sharing this experience with you, please if you have any questions feel free to reach out via avalonmysterschool@outlook.com

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