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Elizabeth Dylan Bercovici

 Is a Mythic Storyteller, Intuitive Healer, Writing Coach, New Paradigm Teacher,
and Conduit for Higher Energies.
She’s a catalyst for soul growth

and helps people heal on a deep level
through Channeled Activations and
Vortexhealing®, a special form of
Divine Magic through the Merlin Lineage.

She is also the Host and Producer of
4 Magical Storytelling Virtual Summits,
including Fearless and Fairies and Fairy Tales.
These were immersive experiences
exploring the Goddess Brigid,
the Morrigan, the Fae,
Mythic Storytelling and Celtic

Her great gift is igniting the soul-fire in others, so they can step into their power, their
purpose, their creativity and their greatness!
Featured Teacher
She has published two books, a Children’s Book
called The Fairy and the Firefly and a handbook about herbal medicine entitled The
Energetic Apothecary.

     Other Credentials: 

  • MFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College
  • B.A. in EnglishLiterature from Skidmore College
  • Vortexhealing® Certification

Course offered by 

Awakening Awen

This is a beginners course to initiate you into the art of Bardic Storytelling, so you
can learn to enchant the world with your words.
 Join this course and uncover the lost art of the Bard.

The Way of the Bard
 Your stories are waiting to be told!

From the beginning of time, stories have brought people together, reminding them of what is truly sacred.
As well as helping individuals move past their differences to 
forge a common bond.
It’s time to step into that great tradition! If you’re looking to 
enrich your life and connect with divine inspiration, look no further!
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Magical Fairy tales
 Interview with Dea and Elizabeth

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