The Year of Compassion 2023 Predictions

2023 The Year of Compassion If we look for one word to describe what 2023 holds for the collective, it is Rippling.

As the Celtic new year begins around Samhain, we are already experiencing this new cycle from the first pebble we have tossed into the waters of life, and ripples have started to form. Small ones at first subtle inner layers influence the collective in small-ways, yet this coming year, many may have the opportunity to act as part of the one.

This year started slowly, with much of the collective truly anchoring into the medicine of seasonal rest and letting go of widely assumed expectations of how one should act and behave in 2023.
We can expect much of this to anchor into how we show up this year. We are writing our very own rule book and will need to reference as time goes on.

The year starts gently with plenty of time and space for dreaming, visioning and gestating. Make good use of the time before Spring arrives to rest, relax, sit in your chosen cave, and embrace quietness.
In the early days of Imbolc, the Serpent will rise once again.

This year will meet another cardinal figure of ancient earth mythos, the Water Dragon, NAELYAN, NYAN, Nagas, Yulunggu, and the Celtic river goddess Danu or Anu, the Dragon of freshwater springs Ying Lung, Saphira, Vivienne and the Great Queen Tiamat to name a few. 
Will enter humanity's consciousness, the Earth's water streams and our DNA once again.

 Therefore we can expect some flow of energy towards all things we experienced stuck or purposefully blocked before.
This also means stubborn and detrimental forces will be washed out to the celestial seas. 

The sea dragon aids the Merciful one, Quan Yin because of her compassion. 

Water dragons are known to be colossal in size and high and mighty amongst their peers. Most water dragons have celestial water origins and, as a result, are above 20th-dimensional beings; their wisdom and presence will shake things up. Change is inevitable; this applies to the collective as much as it does to the individual ad local experience you may encounter this year.

 Do not expect logical and organised events to take place.
Water dragons, first and foremost, have a " let's just wing it " attitude. (Pun intended. ) 

This year is also connected to dreaming, as water dragons once governed the astral realm, and are part of the dominion of dreams. Guides like Leana, the dream. dragon  will be a good friend to align with especially for the first few month of the year.
It is unclear if the astral plains will be fully reclaimed from archons and reptilian forces at this point, but a change of pace is inevitable. Dragons will support you in seeking clarity, peace and resolution in your dreaming.
Not only those in need of guidance and protection in the dreaming but awake dreamers too, especially if they are ready to bring their vision to life. 

Awaken in the dream, and you will find much of your inspirations will manifest.

Water will teach us about the nature of life and the importance of water in our bodies, cells, lakes, and wells inside and upon the planetary surface. 
However, not all dragons are here for humanity. Some have higher cosmic ideals to fulfil, so don't expect to be nursed through the year by them; the fae folk are better allies in this sense. 
Generally, it is an excellent time to dedicate yourself to the natural world.
The emerald order will be keen to welcome those who hold love for nature in their hearts, not as a liking or compassion but an unconditional love that looks beyond shape, size and origin.

Tend to gardens, clean the rivers, dig out the wells, and protect the trees; authentic ecological actions will land well this year. But better to work with your local community than to subscribe to global agenda-based projects. 
Offer your time but remember it isn't in exchange for praise or rewards; unconditional action means no anticipation for a return.

The Enchanted world/Matrix

We can expect some gruesome attacks by the world's leading elite on water sources this year as retaliation to this emergence, especially over the end of the summer months.

Collective conditioning through the media outlets will continue to punch down with an iron fist. Expect the unfathomable, but remember none can use brute force on the water;

it will just move out of the way.
The fear programming will continue and be loudest around the Autumn months of 2023.
We can approach those who fell victim to this programming with compassion, and gentle care, even if we disagree with their free will choices.
It is, however, essential to protect our emotional body with appropriate tools.
The heart will be in focus, an entry point of many of the influences and spells cast down on us.
Have compassion but do not match energy and resonance instantly to be understood.

Protecting the waters

Protecting the waters will be your top priority on a personal and ecologically. This means clarity of the energetic field you hold, protecting and nurturing your body and the hydration of the spirit and mind. 

Your top priority might be kindly attaining living water to drink and share under the threefold alliance.

Collective Water

Collectively, it will be an uncomfortable process as water will claim independence from the magnetic influences of the iron in the planetary core, which can cause tectonic shifts and flooding, so this may manifest near fault lines. Especially Hawaii and Thailand dragons being first to wake up and stretch their legs, so keep a close watch on these locations over the next year and even into 2024. 
The other aspect is a cardinal and necessary separation from the adverse effects of the moon's magnetic pull, freeing the planetary water body and returning the will of water to the core frequency of immortality.
After Saturn move to Pisces, you can expect some clarity on what is vital to your soul mission and how you can harmoniously express your medicine to the world. yay

Financial Flow

After Saturn move to Pisces, you can expect some clarity on what is vital to your soul mission and how you can harmoniously express your medicine to the world. yay

Due to water being synonymous with abundance and resources, 
financial oppressions will start to become undone at the seams, and the dam the systemic oppressors built to hold back wealth and resources will crack under pressure. Big greedy sea beasts like JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and Vanguard will be washed ashore without remorse.

Unfortunately, this doesn't guarantee a fair trickle-down of the world's monetary resources, so there will be essential chaos in collecting what is left.
Some water dragons will position to mediate this process, too, although not without struggle, as lunar influences will continue to pull us into a mindset of separation, which we will justify by projecting our fears of aloneness onto others.

 Again water can remedy this as it cradles all equally, and working with this element can bring you a sense of belonging, southing and compassionate action; we will need to learn to give and share once and for all.
So around late Spring, remind yourself gently that we belong in unison with nature, we can and will take care of each other, and there is infinity and plenty given to those who express their love of all living beings.
The Autumn of 2023 can present big make-or-break decisions in personal relationships, family, and soul groups.
When I suggested last year that we begin to find our tribe, this Autumn will determine if we make these bonds long-term or brake them; water will bind or brake us all.

For the fae Souls

The most significant challenge for fae souls will be to sever their relationship with the moon as their sight and clarity will only arrive fully once these allegiances are broken; for a fae soul, the moon is like a cake laced with enchanted toxic icing. It's hard to recover from without sugar cravings.
On a positive note, Earth's little sister Tethra ( kingdom of Joy )
is closer to us than before. Tethratean souls will experience a flood of returning memories, and a form of homecoming to their soul origin is possible. This will improve all relationships between the middle world and Faery, allowing much of the healing medicine to be exchanged and relationships to improve. 

For all dragon born

You will face some internal turmoil first part of this year as truth, and absolute truth will be demanded of you, and not so much toward others but yourself. Be honest as to what is real and what must go. Water dragon's presence, however, will bring something precious to your life, playfulness and the joy of creative expression. Water dragons don't follow plans or aim for structure, and fondness for a genuine expression of joy, play, song and sea foam outweighs their dislike of pressure, iron, and lies.
You will be asked to take your time with things again, learn new exciting skills, and get lost in the magic of creating with your hands, feet and body.

For the Star born,

You will find this year accelerating yet frustrating as a whole. You might even label it a roller coaster ride in the water park; keep the light of Venus, the Evenstar, as your guiding star this year to help you navigate the turns and ground by expressing your steadfast love toward nature at every opportunity. 

For New Parents

Remember, children arriving between 2020 and 2025 are the Solar Children Prophecies in many cultures, from Africa to Babylon and Akkadia. They are the sons and daughters of Sekhmet,  and the Dragon of Destiny the kings of old Artha.
It is prominent they are protected from the negative influences of technology at all costs, and that their needs for nurturing, warmth, and compassion are met.
Solar children love to love but are hot-headed too and will be quick to reject anything that isn't aligned with their ideals, which is to live and anchor the new Garden of Eden in order to do so they need to live like the garden already is.
It may come with some disappointment that they are still not in this place, so teaching them the art of divine timing and patience will go a long way. 

Look out for upcoming offerings, courses, classes and tools to help you navigate this year with ease and craft.

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