Faerie Accord ~ the great undoing

The Faery Accord is a Myth of the great undoing, the loss of the dream.

What is this sacred agreement we speak of much in Avalon?

You may envision it as a written contract, but it is more so an existential agreement engraved into our ecosystem, biology, and phycology.
 It is how we co-exist with the fae, creatures, and humans. The way we relate to the spirit world and the natural world.
An agreement which outlines the means to achieve harmonious, respectful, compassionate, living. 

The faery accord outlines the eternal life code of coexistence in all five dominions.
Dream, Land, under world, upper world, and beyond.
 We, as members of this Accord, have direct access to all these dominions
at least or did at the time of it conception.
 This covenant has since been broken, impacting all our worlds and realities, but perhaps most visibly, our physical world suffers greatly from this forced divorce between man and spirit. 
The loss of magic in our world can be attributed to this brokenness. But more importantly what caused  the alliance  to unravel  is simply that we forgot about it under the memory spells of this world, we simply lost touch with it all.
The accord was broken many times over through aeons. So long ago, we don't even remember when and unfortunately, we wrote it out of our story, to be found only in a few of our local myths and lore. Of course, there were, and always will be, those who do feel this covenant in their blood first-hand and perhaps live with the unexplained sadness of separation in their hearts.

These individuals also carry the solution to mend and remember the accord as they will plant seeds, protect the animals, stand with trees, camp below mountains, pray for the waters to be left alone, and return creatures to the sea. And those who do return within themselves to the fae, creature and human in unity.

Within their soul, they will remember, restore and rethread the accord.These brave members of our society are often ridiculed because an industrialised colony can not stand for the healing of the accord. Unfortunately, the capitalist machine's existence is built upon the demise and destruction of what is left of the living world; it thrives as a result of our own ignorance.

There are, of course, ways to evolve industries in harmony with nature, but these ways prioritise relationships and quality of life, not wealth and profit.The barking of the accord is a story we can learn in myth, most common from medieval and bronze age folklore, which tells of an age when the fae folk and creatures still shared this plane of existence with us. And we shared dominions like the below world and dream world with them too.

These are stories of great sadness, often along the lines of humans ridiculing, raping, abusing and stealing from the otherworld folk and then... paying a high price for this act. 

In these stories, which we can rightfully call a form of eco mythos, we often mistake the magical folk as the perpetrator and overlook the distressing act of the hero. Some of these stories are a direct metaphor for what is happening today. In nature, in our ecosystem, and in our own spiritual relationships.
I will list examples below this article. 

For all that I mentioned above, we are still, as a collective, breaking the faerie accord each day. 

So you see, this is not just an old myth of magical beings tricking humans, faery maidens being stolen to be wives of kings.

That is but the example of the deeply rooted lore of a broken alliance story.We still take more than we need and consider ourselves entitled to wisdom from other worlds, to magic itself, and to great fortune without exchange.
We created a world that is perpetually consuming itself. 
And the only practical way to resolve this is to start giving more than we take and remove structures built on greedy disposition.This is our collective story of how humans have slowly gone from being a part of one big happy, eternally existing tribe. To dwellers of separate realms, shunned and cast out walkers of wastelands, and destroyers of nature, consumers of false idols, afraid of their own shadow.  

The tribe many seek to belong to is not based on race, colour or religion. The real tribe people of this world long for is a tribe of all worlds, faery humans and creatures.
Mystics often highlight these needs because this is what the otherworld speaks of and asks us to do. It is to remind people of what has been and how we can move forward.
We are:
Children of a fractured alliance.
Affecting all the dimensions connected to ours.
Our natural world is part of who we are.

Healing the accord demands the execution of a challenging yet possible task, to put differences aside, step by step, little by little, change how we choose to be in a relationship with all around us each day.

We can start by asking ourselves simple questions and aspiring to find resolutions whenever possible. 

How can we be a part of nature without consuming and destroying it?
How can we stop pillaging the wells of the otherworld?
How can we respect life in all beings?
Can we put aside our greed?
Can we learn to share? 

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