Faery Folk and Nature

I have had a lifelong interest in the otherworld, that is no big secret.
I assume if you are here, you did too, whether you are a mystic, shaman or a priestess. Maybe a curious kind of person fascinated by the otherworld,
Then you know exactly what I mean.

Large Elemental Bodies

My interest was never the Flower Spirit sort or the cutesy little sugar plum faeries that children are offered today, though, my interest has always been in nature faeries, and dragons.

Not to be confused with Elementals, who are a different thing altogether, but the wild abandoned creatures who live and breathe nature in all her forms. From wild gale-force winds to Hurricanes and Tsunamis. From gentle rain that waters the gardens and the whistling wind that blows through the trees.

Nature can be kind and beautiful; it can also be wild and destructive, tearing down what has taken so long to build up.
Nature can be healing with its balmy lazy days, gentle rains, and breathtaking beauty. It can also be deadly, taking life without compassion as the seas rage and the storms turns things inside out.

Fae folk are Nature

It stood to reason that Fae folk are nature, not just a part of it. They live, breathe, and are created from the heart; they must also encompass every aspect of what we call wilderness.
There are as many different faeries as there are people in this world of ours, as varied as the flowers, some as tall as the trees like Elven folk and as short as the grass like brownies of the bardic storytellers, some are happy as a Linnet or as grumpy as a bear when it just wakes up after its long winter sleep.
Their world is close to ours but not entirely alike that much we surely know.
They dream of this world only in sad dreams, and we dream of them in happy, playful ones.
All that is of the wild is gestated in their world is what we are dreaming into being here? And what we destroy in this world goes to die in theirs.  
Some say there are good Faery folk and bad ones but that is not entirely true.
It is more like Fae folks are forgiving and kind to the human folk and there are others who really think of us as ignorant destructive kind of beings, if you ever observed the way we treat nature you can see how this opinion might have formed and it isn’t that hard to be in agreement with it.
Which is why it is so important that those of us curious kind of people who walk Emerald way, learn much from the otherworld and demonstrate a different kind of “living as a human” in this world end enter into respectful allyships with the other folk.
So we can heal both of our homes and with nature we can become one family and we can be what we are here to be Guardians of the Middle World. 
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