Healing the Faery Accord: The Curse of Aine

The Faery accord is a covenant between nature, the fae, humans, and creature inhabitance. Simultaneously an Ancestral, i.e., DNA-based connection governed by organic creational laws of nature. Our ancestors did, for the most part, honour these agreements through the Act of hospitality, equal energy exchange, attention to the natural flow of life present in the elemental and creature world and approaching the spirit of the land with acts of devotion. 
Ancient cultures, especially those with land-based spiritual practices and an animistic view of the living world, honoured the Faery Accord by default.
 As time changed, however, we were convinced or tempted into breaking these agreements, sometimes because of ignorance and greed, in other cases because of simply no longer remembering or respecting the accord.
In most cases, the breaking of the accord is referenced in our local land-based myth. This is undoubtedly the case in places I have so far visited in Ireland, Britain, France and Central Europe. 
These acts often involve but are not limited to human man/women abusing creatures and spirit world beings such as the fae, mythical creatures, local deities etc. Even spiritual leaders are in. away guilty of such acts. There are, therefore, areas on localised land-based tales where we can discover the breaking of the accord around or near a neolithic or megalithic site. The short myth I am sharing below is such an example. 

The Curse of Aine  

Áine is the Irish goddess of summer and prosperity, although her story is synonymous with the winter festival of Samhain.
Born of the Tuatha de Danann, Áine was said to be the daughter of The Dagda, an all-powerful god who was a father figure with immense potency and influence. He is also tied strongly to Crom Cruaich and Crom Dubh.

8th century text tells of Ailill Olom, King of Munster attending the festival of Samhain. He lay down to rest on what is now known as Cnoc Áine or Knockainey. When he woke, Ailill discovered all the grass had been stripped clean from the mountainside during the night.
Bewildered, the son of Eoghan Mór sought an explanation from a seer after travelling to the province of Leinster. Fearcheas mac Comáin was so fascinated by this strange turn of events, he journeyed with Eoghan back to Munster in time for the following Samhain celebrations.
As they held vigil on the Limerick mountainside, Ailill fell asleep.  Believing themselves to be unseen, the King of the Sidhe appeared with Áine at his side. As a hidden Fearcheas crept up and murdered the Fairy King, Ailill awoke and saw the incredible vision of exquisiteness before him. Overcome with lust, he raped Áine and in fury and anguish she tore off his ear.
The outraged goddess had reaped the ultimate revenge on her power-hungry aggressor. Under ancient Irish law, no man was fit to rule unless his body was complete. By tearing off Ailill’s ear, she had forced him to rescind his crown.


The Fairy Queen was a bewitching beauty who continued to have mortal men lusting and coveting her as the centuries passed.
Áine came down from her throne on the mountain and removed her mystical cloak to bathe in the spring waters of Lough Gur. The Earl Fitzgerald was passing by and was enchanted by her naked form. Determined to have her, he took her cloak which left her with no choice but to do his bidding.
Their night on the banks of the lake resulted in a son who became known as The Magician. Áine returned to her land of the Sidhe and her son was raised by Geróid Iarla on the condition his inherent magical abilities were not to be encouraged in any way.
As a young man, Geróid discovered he could shrink himself into a bottle and jump back out again. When he showed his father, the old Earl could not contain his astonishment and in his excitement the young man jumped into the Lough, transformed into a goose and was never heard from again.
In absolute dismay, the goddess came down from her throne and cursed the man responsible for the loss of her son. The Earl Fitzgerald was imprisoned beneath the lake and every seven years he rises from the waters astride his horse shod in silver.
As he rides around the lake he looks hopefully at the horseshoes of silver on his mare’s hooves. It is said that when the silver is finally worn away, Geróid Iarla can walk among mankind once again.
As for Áine, she continues to watch over the sacred lake and is sometimes seen at Samhain, celebrating the magic and mystery of Lough Gur.


Therefore it is essential to note that you should be the child of the accord, i.e. in a way native to the land you chose to work with and upon. Or have ancestral ties, at the very least, to the area no matter how far back. 
Having a good working relationship with the area's otherworld, the spirit world, is also crucial. It isn't enough or adequate to begin the Healing work at a site or local area you are in no way connected to, even if it is initially welcoming.
As a first step, establish where the sacred site begins and ask for permission to enter, state your purpose and remain within that intention. 
It is good to be clear on what we want, even if that is to listen. 
It is perhaps reasonable to mention that the intention should never evolve around your own needs; if you visit sacred sites to gain experience and knowledge or" want something for yourself," do this separately from the Accord mending work. 
Step two is an offering of peace, 
Even if you have no formal training or are not quite sure about the practicalities of the work, you can consistently offer prayer, song, and dance dedicated to peace. A simple example of this I attached below. 
As the child of the accord, we can revisit this site and invite the parties involved to the crossroads as a mitigator. This is a more complex ritual practice whereby we, as the representative of this world, mediate and appeal to resolve the actual conflict. I share a few different methods of work we can use at the Avalon Academy Emerald Way® program for this purpose.
Leave offerings worthy of exchange and ensure they are valuable to the spirit. 
Most certainly, avoid material offerings from our world, especially the none degradable and plastic kinds.

Peace Offering
 Great peace to all beings and Shadows, radiant light to all ways of darkness. 
Great peace to the hidden ones of old.
The sleepers of the world.
 Peace and love in the presence of the song of stars
the running waves, and the quiet earth.
 peace bestowed upon all the endless sons of the deep 
 peace from the heart of the lady 
 to the blessing of Brigid of the mantle 
in the name of the three who are one 
by the will of the king of the elements

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