Dec 22

The White Hart

Seeing the white hart  is an invitation to quest with the herald of otherworldly transformation.

It was once a tremendous mythical privilege to Encounter the White Hart (stag) in the woods because of its elusive nature and residence in the otherworld.
The White Hart is Gaia’s invitation for the masculine to quest. Its white colour invokes the power of purity and transformation, and the stag’s horns represent the upper branches of the world tree.
The white stag also appears in mythical stories, often at a moment of great spiritual transformation or when a sacred covenant has been broken as a warning sign of reckoning.
But also as an opportunity to quest for the solution and consolidation of the broken covenant with nature. 
The hart, much like dragons, is present in every ancient culture from Japan, Asia, the Middle East, Scythia, Eastern Europe, and a critical mythological Initiation of the Celtic Isle especially prominent in Scottish folklore. 
In the Scottish Arthurian Legend,  We see it as the object of the Quest.
Hunting the White Hart is chasing after more profound spiritual initiation in the otherworld/ Fae realms. 
This Hunt is symbolic as searching carefully for enlightenment in the woods, a type of the earth initiation received when one wonders deep within the darkness of the woods, to find purification through the elements.

The White Hart is never killed! This depiction results from a medieval misinterpretation of the mythos. Nor is it fully physically manifested as a creature of our lands.

In Hungarian creational myth, the white hart (sometimes doe) guides the future kings to their Scythian Kingdoms.
By teasing them far away from their original settlement in the promise of a more extraordinary royal bloodline being established. 

In Avalon, the White Hart is the overseer of our covenant with nature. Our ability to recognise what is sacred and lesser thoughts of greed, entitlement, and other products of the masculine ego-mind must be kept at bay when encountering the Hart.

this transformative  invitation is towards our ability to connect to higher crystalline  dimensions by discovering  the gentile masculine force with in ourselves and release  ideals of tyranny  , glory, greed and arrogance  which inadvertently lead us to conflict with the world around us.

And further to express in alignment with our original  innocence.
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