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Mystical Sovereignty Workshop 

3 hour Masterclass Recording 
What you are going to learn

Mystical Sovereignty as a birth right.

A Mystic’s finely tuned skills are ideally aided by otherworldly connections.
This way the Ego’s will can be compliant, allowing space for the Elemental and Mystical factors, benefiting the both the mystic and the natural world.
Throughout this masterclass you will learn about:

  • The 4 Royal Stars of the Fae
  • The 4 Crowns of the Dragon Queens
  • Threefold Alliance Healing the Faerie Accord
  • Learn to work with your Faerie gifts

What we will Discuss on this Masterclass replay:

Connected to the Dragon Dynasties and the Ancient Serpentine wisdom before a more recent timeline. 
Their reclamation from fiction and fantasy allows us to look at our Mystical Sovereignty and work in a different light both from an evolutionary and ritual perspective. 
When I put together my initiatory training at the ‘Avalon Rose Heart Grove’ it became clear that the return of the Faery Races through the dragon lineages play a much larger role in our esoteric work and spiritual evolution than I anticipated. 
Although in my awareness their presence was prominent, spontaneous and undeniably factual, the relevance of us healing this connection carries great importance. 
Simply because here we are not only looking at connecting to a race, tribe, beings of Ancient wisdom with an understanding of creational forces, but also allowing the future to be co-created with guidance and awareness to our obvious flaws, strengths, and gifts. 
The Fae are light-bringers, they allow for life to blossom and each element of growth and evolution to take place. 
Their blood is the original substance of immortality, therefore they carry these codes embodied. 

workshop content

Dea Isidora robertson 

Dea is an International Mystic, Esoteric Teacher, and Scholar of Mythology and Classics. She is best known for her Mythogenetic explorations in Western Esoterism, Egyptian and Celtic traditions.
About your guide 
As a Seer and Oracle, Dea supports others on their path to developing a deeper connection with their inner divinity, true divine parentage and alchemical potential. She has extensive experience in sexual and polarity magic and the faery arts of oil making, anointing and scrying with the help of elemental forces. She follows a mystic path through underworld traditions and specialises in Major Initiatory magic practices. She taught in communities dedicated to arcane knowledge

what our students Say?

"I loved exploring my Faery gifts during this workshop Dea's otherworldly guided journeys are always so powerful, and so was this particular one.
Looking forward to embodying my sovereign self more and more."
" I am beginning to understand the mystic path since taking this workshop and my deep longing for Fae connection makes sense too.
Since taking part in this workshop I birthed many offerings through my Fae gift and discovered my own silver crown."

Mystical Sovereignty Masterclass

Masterclass replay discussing Our Sovereign Mythos The 4 Royal Stars 4 Crowns of the Fae Queens. what is the threefold accord. Healing the Faerie Accord and more.
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