Áes Uisce

A spiral Journey with the Holy 9 of the Aois-dàna  Ladies of  Sacred Waters, River and Spring Maidens 
  • Format

    Monthly, interactive Live Gathering
  • Starting date

    November  2023

  • Group Classes

    Online Quests and  Gathering 
  • Intermediate

    Water Guardian only study Course

the Offering

A monthly gathering for women of the Waters

The Aois-dàna directly translated  to "people of the arts", are a collective of Sidhe or Faery folk. From this mythical family, 9 feminine teachers are reveared as ladies of the sacred waters, women of the fountain of youth.
During this program we will travel the 9 fold spiral path through mythology, history,  ritual magick and ecology to learn the sacred arts of the women of waters.

The Teachings can be applied to establish your own Water Guardian circles and groups.

  • Meet the 9 of the blue flame
  • 9 month Spiral Journey for water healing, and guardian wisdom.
  • Immram Quest through water
  • Quest to the world of faery 
  • Monthly group gatherings, recorded teachings and supporting materials with Dea Isidora and the Faery Runes®

Class Lessons

Water Maiden's Circle

  • Learn:

  • Water Rituals
  • Hydromancy, Seership with water
  • Water Chants, prayers
  • How to  Quest into the realm of water
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