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Dea Isidora

With her unique ancestry from, Hungary, Ireland and Arabia, Dea brings together profound and memorable wisdom through myth, stories, rituals, ceremony and polarity magic.
Dea discovered her gifts early as a child, growing up in a spiritual community;
despite this, she spent her early adulthood immersing herself in teachings of yoga, wellness, and philosophy studies. Her fascination with the ancient mythos of Egypt, Greece and the Celtic Isles lead her to study Classics and Mythology.
“And from Bridget of the mantle,
deep peace, deep peace!
And with the kindness of the Haughty father peace!
In the Name of the three who are one, Peace!
And by the will of the king of the Elements
Peace, peace!” 

other Achievements:

  • Sacred Ceremonialist (Glastonbury Goddess Temple )
  • Red Tent Temple Facilitator (with Alisa Starkweather) 
  • Moon Mother Level 02 
  • Embodied Flow® Somatic Movement Therapist 
  •  Priestess of Isis (Church of Isis) Dedicated in 2012
  • Hierophant of Isis, Fellowship of Isis
Meet the Founder
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After an NDA experience in 2012, she felt called and ready to continue her spiritual quest, and through experiential studies she formed a deep connection with the divine fire source and made regular pilgrimages to sacred sites of these lands, deepening and integrating the practices and connecting with the holy fire.This heart fire manifests in each school of initiation she offers. When she is not guiding students on the priestess path, she practices traditional mysticism, healing the wounded ways of our planet and cultivating lasting connections with its true guardians.

Having anchored her understanding in Egyptian mysticism, she spent the past four years exploring her Irish/Welsh Celtic ancestry and her connection to the mythology of these lands. 
Discovering new yet very familiar teachings and formulas for her personal and devotional Grail Quest.

Working with the natural allies of this land, uncovering many of Avalon's codes and secrets.Inspired by the work of RJ Stewart, Gareth Knight, C. Jung and others, she began to apply her Mythogenetic theosophy to the mythological stories of Avalon and Irish Celtic and Welsh Mythos through the Lebor Gabála Érenn and the Mabinogion.

As a Seer and Oracle, Dea supports others on their path to developing a deeper connection with their inner divinity, true divine parentage and alchemical potential. She has extensive experience in sexual and polarity magic and the faery arts of oil making, anointing and scrying with the help of elemental forces. She follows a mystic path through underworld traditions and specialises in Major Initiatory magic practices.

She taught in communities dedicated to arcane knowledge through years and holds affiliation in various covens. And membership in established orders of Masonry, Western Spirituality and Historical societies.To connect with Dea directly and explore her work in more depth visit.

"As a Mystic, I am here in devotion to healing our sacred world, restoring balance and discovering new and ancient ways to remember the soul's path as part of the original intention of creation. I am here not as a guru or a guide, not even as a teacher but as a bridge linking the magical and the mundane, clearing confusion and conflict, and sharing information with the potential to support you on your spiritual and soul evolution."

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 Dea is the ultimate embodiment of the High Priestess. Not only does she carry immense wisdom & ancient codes, she also holds herself with such presence and an open heart, making her a truly majestic facilitator.
She was one of the very few people who I trusted to open up this conversation and ask for help as it has a very intimate nature. I am deeply grateful for her work with me and really appreciated her approach of work, straight to the point, solution-oriented. 
Dea’s two sessions – two transmissions – were so massive for me. And I took really long to go through the recordings, because I was called to pause the video, and then I was getting my own insight from my dragon and faery connections. And then, there were some parts where I was called to transcribe parts of what she was saying and paraphrase it in a way that made sense for me. So my hand is really aching now from days of journaling and writing, but I feel so full. I feel like Fairy and Fairy Tales arrived at a time when I was perfectly poised and ready to receive it.
She has such Emotional Depth,
Has such a Caring, Sensitive Understanding Of Nature, Our Planet,
She has a Beautiful Soul, Inspires others,
A Complete Joy to be working with,
A true Fairy Women and Earth Angel 😇
Tony Fuller
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