Meet the Instructor 

Shamir Chadha Singh

From a vastly multicultural background, with Indian heritage born in Singapore and raised in Austria, Shamir devoted himself to embodied spirituality very early in his life. The journey led him to deeply studying a wide range of healing modalities as well as being initiated in an ancient Hindu Bhakti Yoga lineage, in service to the greater good of all.

 Along his path all across the planet connecting deeply to indigenous elders and the wisdom of the earth his initiations and teachings continued. In depth studies of our multidimensional reality, the ley lines and energy structures of our earth and sound as the fabric of creation  lead him to a very unique way of translating consciousness and supporting us to remember and embody who we have truly come here to be.

In recent years Shamir has been calling the Sacred Isle of Avalon, in Glastonbury the Southwest of England his home. This is where he shares his presence in devotion to the land, the waters and the ancient beings that reside in Avalon and through time and space.

On these sacred lands blessed by the primordial spirits of creation the remembrance of divine truth and honor has emerged. Ignited through our DNA the divine warrior found resurrection, the sword of truth claiming it's return.

Guided in sacred brotherhood at the Court of King Arthur, Shamir is sharing the messages and teachings that were laid down to him by his ancestors for our karmas to be cleared, to embody our unique multidimensional selves in union with all of creation.
 Mystic Warrior, Gatekeeper of Avalon,  Elemental Sound Alchemist
“May we recognise and live in the awareness of how we are one with all of creation as embodied experience anchored in our hearts of love and in divine truth.

Other Credentials: 

  • Multidimensional Embodiment Guide
  •  Dream-weaver
  •  Planetary Architect
  •  Akashic Translator
  •  Initiate in ancient Vaishnava Hindu Bhakti Yoga Lineage
  •  Physio therapy Diploma
  •  Theta Healing
  •  Cranio Sacral Therapy
  •  Transformational Breath-work Facilitator
  •  Inner Dance Facilitator
  •  Initiate in Sikh Mysticism
  •  Sound Healing and Sound Alchemy
  •  Flow Arts Teacher

embodied divine masculinity

Series of teachings on the wisdom, strength and purpose of the divine warrior.

  • Collaborative Teaching
  • Video Classes
  • Brother Circle
  • Multidimensional embodiment

What do men need to face, overcome, let go, welcome and claim to live their fullest potential and purpose during these times?

The paradox of the "Warrior of Peace" and how this archetype is necessary to hold presence and balance during these times we are in right now.


During our work at Glastonbury Abbey Shamir gave support and held space to unleash the fierce warrior with un-bounding self control & awareness! 
Stuart Daly
If you want to harmonize your energetic field, receive DNA activations with the heart of Avalon to assist yourself and your family, I highly recommend working with Shamir from anywhere in the world to shift the currents of your life into the light forever.
Shamir is very talented sharing his sound activations connecting with divine source reviving and rejuvenating on all levels. The journey with Shamir and Grid Activations on the land served me so deeply as I came with intentions to evolve and grow within myself for life and what I received truly exceeded my expectations in such beautiful ways.
Matt, Designer 


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