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StuArt Daly

Is a British Filmmaker who went through his Awakening journey 6 years ago, the initial catalyst was the Cabal’s wake of destruction that was then positively transmuted by experiencing his Avatar’s Star Origin.

This awakening inspired many film scripts, yet, met with the harsh reality that films require huge financing. In 2019, Stuart was divinely guided towards cryptocurrency & shown how it would empower him for the rest of his film career.

With full awareness of the darkness overshadowing the entertainment industry, he set out to transform modern storytelling.
Since 2019 he has done over 1 Million hours of Crypto research & trading, leading several Spiritual crypto groups with some Telegram members making over 65,000% in 102 days.

 He has coached groups, individuals & large Hedge-Fund investors in spirit inspired crypto currency trading.

Stuart believes in a future where Digital Assets empower people in fulfilling & materialising their dreams whilst demolishing the corrupt, centralised financial system .

Stuart is inspired to be a guide at Avalon Crypto Academy offering a detailed course series for Beginners to more Advanced Investors.

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“For the Emerald Order to rise, we'll be needing the help of this Magick Internet money to break free from the matrix”

StuArt Daly

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