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Learn the spiritual philosophy behind crypto currency investing, wealth redistribution as a new opportunity for financial freedom.
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What you are going to learn?

 Crypto Academy offering

We believe in supporting artistic, creative and divinely inspired students to not only become sovereign within but to be independent and abundant in manifesting and materialising their creative vision.
Our crypto academy offer a conscious  aware and empowered way to enter into the digital currency market for investing
From this course you will receive:

  • Lifetime membership to x6 40 min video Lectures on core topics (depending on your level e.g. beginner)
  • 10 minute technical step by step Video tutorials (e.g. how to use metamask, how to buy crypto with debit card).
  • Access to Avalon Crypto Academy Telegram group - for Stuart’s weekly announcement with crypto news, market updates & other outsider community videos.
  • Additional Website resources from trusted community influencers.

    Bonus Videos Added Monthly

The Benefits of this Educational program 

What you can achieve with after your Studies with Avalon Crypto Academy

  • Self-Mastery in Financial sovereignty with Crypto & passive income.
  • Clear, simplified understanding of Cryptocurrency &  liberated decentralised finance and its relevance in our Current financial system.
  • Esoteric Knowledge (build intuition, high level awareness of financial cycles that control and manipulate the financial markets, lunar and solar cycles, wall street chart manipulation.
  • Crypto History Knowledge The Hard truth ‘red pill’ of how blockchain & AI begun and why?
  • Future Predictions; Where is the Blockchain & Certain coins are going.


 technical ‘know how’ to invest in crypto.

how to find great, deflationary coins? 

Which cryptos could make 10,000 X and are benevolent to be of service to humanity.?

How to receive Crypto payments (stable coins) for your business & break free from banks?

CRYPTO lecture series outline

Everything you need to know and understand to begin your financial sovereignty journey with Crypto.

1- Crypto Beginner 101 

What is the blockchain? Different types of coins (erc20s & Layer 1s), How to buy crypto with fiat.

2-Philosophy of Crypto Investing:

Golden age philosophy applied to crypto, Market cycles - Shmita, Wall st cheat sheet & moon ties to markets & my top 3 coins and why!?

3- Be Un-hackable & how to safely store crypto:

Best practice with 'back up phrase', metamask wallet, DEFI & recommended hardware wallets.

4- Macro Economic indicators & When to buy

Currently health of world economy - the DXY (dollar), stocks, FED & central bank money printing / interest rates & Wall Street predictions.

5-Top 2 Coins in 2022; Pulse chain & Pulse X deep dive

Pulsechain & Pulse X utility, ether gas fees, Deflationary Tokenomics, similar projects performance charts. How to buy on launch?

6- The Crypto Red Pill

The most advanced AI known to man ‘TYLER’ wants humans to mine & code. The founder of Ethereum and his funding / connection to Peter Thiel (palintir) & the CIA’s involvement in crypto. 

7- The New Earth & Future of crypto

 How it can serve Spiritual communities vs how it can control - public, private and hybrid / commercial blockchains.


As a software developer that works in the Crypto sphere, I have looked at crypto investments through many lenses. I’ve also watched many people try to support newcomers to the space. Stuart strikes an amazing balance between education for new folk and bleeding edge projects that would normally not be on my radar at all. When you know you know … and Stuart knows
Warrick F - Software developer & Sacred Worlds Game Founder.
Stuart has the most unique, yet fascinating approach in teaching Cryptocurrency to people of all walks of life - he has made something that has an entirely new language being 'Cryptolese' and complex technological nuance relatable, allowing me to navigate complex DEFI wallets like Metamask. After only after a few of his lecture videos I have now acquired some top Cryptos and understand what gives these coins paradigm-shifting value.
Earl B - Property Investor  & Serial Entrepreneur.
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About your Course instructor

I am a British Filmmaker beginning my awakening journey 6 years ago, the initial catalyst was the Cabal’s wake of destruction that was then positively transmuted by experiencing my Avatar’s Star origin. This awakening inspired my first film script but not without the harsh truth that films require huge financing. Spirit showed me Cryptocurrency in 2019; since then I have done over 1 Million hours of Crypto research & trading, leading two spiritual crypto Telegram groups with some of  the community making over 65,000% in 102 days.
 Crypto Wealth Guide
“I am excited to share crypto education at Avalon Academy.”

Stuart Daly

Writer, Filmmaker 


This series of lectures and tutorials are not financial advice please take responsibility for your own research, actions & investing. The following lectures are just views shared by Stuart to open your mind & expand your knowledge in the digital asset space. Avalon Crypto Academy also does not do 1 on 1 calls with investing or respond to technical questions on emails.

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