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Avalon Rose Heart Grove

Entry into the Emerald heart of Avalon through mist and mythos
About this 6 week Initiatory Journey.

Avalon Rose Heart

This journey is a virtual, visual, and sensory tour of Avalon… not just the land itself but the realm beyond physical experience. For some of you, this journey will answer the calling of your heart and aid the remembrance of ancient lifetimes. For others, it will open doors of new possibilities, clear outdated heart stories, and create space for a clear more aligned response to your calling in this new golden age.

Avalon is the gateway to the heart!

Here in this sacred grove caressed by trees and the veil of mist the stories of our hearts play out lifetime after lifetime. Allowing our full being to remember, and our heart to heal, expand, embrace and be ready for the new golden age, the new world that is created through our visioning and embodiment. "Avalon of the Heart" as Dion Fortune loved to call it… Is much like a voluptuous blossoming rose, petal by petal she unfolds to the depths of her being, and with it revealing the possibility of our most truthful expression. On this journey, we can experience the deepest of lessons, about love, whether it's lost in time or found within. Here in Avalon our heart stories become amplified.

the avalon Rose Heart grove is for you.

If you have a strong calling to the mystery of this Isle or soul remembrance playing out here.

you can experience transformation here 

If you seek divine union and inner union through healing the divide and distortion in timelines of humanity. 

you can find deep connection

If you desire to have a connection to the fae realms and the lady of Avalon.

you can open up new doors

If you feel called by the mystery of the Avalon Rose.

What you are going to learn

 Few more words about this course

Before we may see beyond the mist and be granted entry into the sacred realms, the work is to understand, clear, heal and embrace these stories with unconditional love. This is the land of true love. Throughout the past 9 years, I've gotten to know the lady of this land well, and yet with her ever-changing faces, she is full of surprises and miracles still. 
I know this land to be a crossroad of worlds, and intertwining stories of old and new. As this realm calls on your heart, you will find all sorts of experiences shaping you to be the best version of yourself. Some experiences are allowing you to shed your skins and transform yourself. So you can embody your path or release and relinquish old identities. Others teach you about love, compassion, and heartbreak opening up to the light.

5 inspiring stories of Avalon recorded on the sacred sites they originate from.

Enter the Grove of your heart and develop better sense and innerstanding of Avalon.

I am simply giving you a key to your very own Avalon Rose Heart. 
You can choose what, love, belonging, memories, and the path to Avalon means to you. 
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Wow!! Can't wait for the next journey in letting go of love stories that no longer serve!!!! Feels big!

There were so many times in the video journeys where I actually would recognize the landscapes from places I would go to in my imagination/dreams as a young child and throughout my life! Such a deeply validating confirmation. With gratitude and radiant respect 🙏🌹
We can't change the past but we can change the future' love it.
"THE RIGHT TO CREATE FROM THE HEART"- is the feminine quest !!!! yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! incredible transmission.

Dea Isidora

International Mystic, High Priestess, Dragoness and Guide to the Old Mysteries of Avalon
Your High Priestess and Guide 
Bringing you a grounded and embodied understanding of folklore, druidic lore, ritual arts, native to the land of Avalon, Fae wisdom, serpentine traditions and symbolism. Dea spent years in devotion dedicated to the Lady of Avalon, and the ancient mystical arts of the land guardians of the Mystic Isle of Apples. With her knowledge and lineage of Irish/Welsh mythology and remembrance she is a guide to many arriving in Avalon looking to respond to their inner calling, and embrace the healing love stories of this land.
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