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The Roots
 Inner World Quest

Dive into the core of your being and discover your connection with the elemental world, personal mythos and Earth mystic practices, with this foundational Semester 01 course.

 31 Videos

10 hours in total

Text material

120 pages


6 live classes and Q&A

 Study Time

Approx 3 month

Listen to Our Inner world Quest Introduction
by Dea Isidora

'The first and most important mythical world to understand is ones own!'
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What you are going to learn

About this Quest

The foundational course attempts to take you back to yourself, into the depth of your inner world, where you can build true and solid foundations. Understanding your own story, origin, mythos, reconnect to your ancient memories, simultaneously picking up some powerful mystical skills for the road ahead.
This course is for you if:

  • You desire to deepen your mystical skills.
  • Seek to truly connect to the elements and fine-tune your physical and spiritual senses.
  • Wish to understand the Elemental World better and create lasting connections with source.
  • Learn from mythos, and mythical archetypes.
  • Remember and rewrite your own story.
  • Understand other realms and worlds before you enter them.

Mythical Curriculum

What's Included?

Self Awareness and development

  • Breath work
  • Visualisation 
  • Meditation 

Recognising the Soul Aspects

  • Soul Body
  • Soul Memory
  • Past life Regression

Living your best  mythos

  • Personal Mythos 
  • Mythogenetics
  • Mythical Archetypes 

Elemental Connection

  • Elementals 
  • Initiation of the 5 Elements 
  • Power in our Senses

The Inner DiRections

  • The 12 direction method
  • Crossroad format pathworking

Realms and Worlds

  • Realms, worlds, dimensions, spheres
  •  Finding our sacred way


  • Physical and Ceremonial protection
  •  Working with the Elements and Elementals

The  Quest of our Inner Landscape 

"In the eternal world, all is one. In spiritual space there is no distance. In eternal time there is no segmentation into today, yesterday, or tomorrow. In eternal time all is now; time is presence. I believe that this is what eternal life means: it is a life where all that we seek, goodness, unity, beauty, truth and love, are no longer distant from us but are now completely present with us."
John O' Donohue
Poet, Philosopher of the Celtic world
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31 videos

Educational interactive videos, enjoy, explore, take notes, replay.

Live sessions

Discuss interesting layers of each material share your journey experiences. 

10 guidied practice recording 

Go on a guided journey, self regression,
aided practice with downloadable voice recordings.


Read or print your foundation workbook with all exercises and practice material included.
This course takes approx 2 - 3 month to complete.
Foundation course semester 0I.

im ready to Quest

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Dea Isidora 

Your mystic guide and tutor for this sacred Quest.
Creating this program for you was journey itself, birthed during the silence of the winter cycle spent at our Dragon HQ in Avalon Glastonbury UK.

Through many prayers, and reflections connecting with the guardian spirit of the land. my intention was to create a solid beginners material to build the otherworldly material upon.

Taking me through many initiations and journey of remembering what i needed at the beginning of my mystic journey years ago.
I believe all will find what they are looking for here.

With all my love, 
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