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 Blessings on all who enter here!

Welcome to our School of Western Spirituality,
Esoteric Science and Faerie Tradition. 

We offer transformative and applied mystery school teachings, folklore and eco-mythological education online and in person.

Our Collaborators 

A  Mystical Academy of Nature's way

Learn about Individual cognition the wisdom of the Otherworld, Faerie Tradition and Celtic spirituality with Dea Isidora.

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 Elemental Sound

Learn Sound Alchemy, toning, sound healing and medicinal chants  and harmonic music creation with
Shamir Chadha Singh.

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Storytelling and bardic studies 

Explore the Awen, Imbas with historic Bardic Storytellers, during the Creative arts course ~ Awakening Awen with Elizabeth Bercovici.

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Crypto wealth

Explore conscious crypto trading and learn the ins and outs of the fast growing digital currency world with
 Stuart Daly.

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Upcoming Free Events 

Community Healing Day In Glastonbury.
We once again bring our Faery Healing magic Together for fresh spring day of
Free Healing offered specially to mothers.
Contact us or our Host Venue to book here.

What to Expect From Us

Online Courses
Qualified Teachers
Live talks, performances. 



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What our Students Say

400 + students and counting

 This course that Dea has beautifully crafted is pure divine artwork.
Everything that has gone into this course you can tell has taken a lot of devotion and creativity.
Dea is guides and teaches through a very divinely guided energy, she is a safe space, and holds and guides meditations profoundly.
I trust Dea and her work, this school is going to be the beginning of a magical new world that we are all co-creating.
I recommend these courses to anyone that wishes to deepen their inner connection. 
Lisa Collier
I always respect what Dea weaves into reality in the combination of Myth, Blood and Mysticism.
 I am finding the Academy easy to navigate and the courses are very illuminating on my own Dragon Heart Path.
I look forward to witnessing how this Online Portal expands and grows as the Fae Consciousness grows through us and the Earth.
RAven Alison
I am very grateful for the existence of this school. It is very well organised and the material is rich and easy to follow. There is magic and excitement each time I sit down to take part in the classes. It is a school that guides me in my own remembrance and in this way I become aware of my own gifts, talents, and the way my soul wants to be expressed in this life.
Stella Lydaki
Avalon academy was a godsend to me at a time where I was longing for a connection to the otherworld of spirit so bad that the world I was living in didn’t make much sense at all anymore. 
I was in so much pain, grieving the loss of something I wasn’t even quite sure of. Avalon academy gave me validation and a connection to the realm of faery so that I could make that a reality in my life again. The tools and the information I’ve learned here have been invaluable, and I will be forever grateful. 
kimberly Paciorek


Story is at the heart of transformational spirituality.
Visit our Story Analysis series Faelore Friday to learn more about Celtic, welsh, and European folklore myth, and legends and how they form our inner and outer myth, archetypal personality and influence our spiritual talents.
I had the pleasure of listening to almost every interview this week. The email invitation was forwarded to me on the last day of registration, so divine timing, or faery intervention most likely.
I found the 2 sessions with Dea Isidora to be the most compelling. The Dragon discussion was pretty mind-blowing. I found my consciousness expand with that one. I've been called Fey by my Mom since very young, we have Irish ancestry. I've read Lord of the Rings multiple times through and am a huge fan of the movies, so it was great to hear Dea talk about Tolkien and the Faery Accord.
Christine Allison LMT
At a time where online learning is challenging Dea holds a very safe educational space to discover all that we have come here to remember. The Avalon Academy is a gentle and loving community that allows plenty of room to rediscover our own truths with beautiful guides. It is wonderful to have a community that is in a protected environment outside of the big social media platforms. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who is wanting to return to their truth and remember who they came here to be.
Avalon Academy is full of otherworldly magic, as far as a mystical apprenticeship goes, this is the best place you will find to safely explore what's really within you.Celtic mythology blends with cosmic history here, so I feel really at home with all my various interest being satisfied.

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Frequently asked questions

Who is this community for?

This community and Academy is created for the new world's soulful and mind-heart aligned leaders. Those who recognise the importance of spiritual development but respect natures allies. With six-sense-for distortive patterns in our unique planet  and all who are willing to learn, remember, and realise their mission.

Who is the courses for?

We have programs for all ages, genders, and interests, from foundation to advanced training.
The Academy intend to cover all relevant areas of expression on the mystic path, spiritual science, divination, sound healing and more.

How long are the courses?

Course length is varied. Experiential workshops can be a few weeks, whilst complete academy courses can take up to a semester 4-to 6 months to complete. However, everything is recorded and can be studied in your own time.

Where can you engage as part of the community?

Each course has its group and subgroups based on your interest on our community group platform. You can also connect in person during live events and gatherings.

In-person events, retreats and walks on the land?

We offer an in-person retreat as a graduation event for students and short workshops, talks, and guided walks around the UK.

What if my experiences are different from the ones described here?

Please join the group and share them. We are eager to listen and consider all experiences equally valid and magical.

Can I join multiple courses from different teachers?

Yes, you can, but we encourage you to choose wisely as some studies are very experiential and require some time to devote outside of the community.

Can I enter an intermediate or advanced course straight away? 

Our memberships are designed to offer you a foundational program first, but if you want to skip this step, you can buy intermediate programs on their own.Advanced Programs and courses are only offered to graduated students.

Do you offer a concession to low-income members?

On the advance, memberships, yes, but mainly we aim to provide a fair exchange. However, we offer coupons and limited-time offers to redeem twice a year.

Are the Codex of Avalon applicable to all members?

Yes, but as an ideal to aspire to, not a bylaw or a rule of any sort. We encourage you to read and contemplate each code and take what applies to you.

Can I be part of the community and offer my program at the same time?

Yes, you need to apply to be an Affiliate, but you can do both simultaneously.
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